Greta Gardiner Wild & Clean

Greta Gardiner

is the creator and founder of Wild and Clean. A program dedicated to providing women with the tools they need to cultivate personal power, release addictive patterns of over-indulgence, release stuck and negative mental patterns keeping them from a life of wealth, health and authentic joy.

What is so powerful about Greta’s program is that she comes with an abundance of life experience and compassionately meets her clients where they are at because she has lived the pain, substance abuse, struggles and hopelessness they are experiencing. She understands where they are and what it takes to get them to where they want to be. She experienced years of suffering that turned into years of studying under great teachers to get her from a hopeless, painful life to a life of vitality, ease, magic and grace.

Greta Gardiner of Be Wild&CleanIn addition to coaching women, Greta is a musician, a world traveler, an RYS certified Yoga Instructor, a devout yogini, a teacher of plant medicine, and a dancer. She also spends a lot of time at an animal sanctuary where she helps rehabilitate abused and abandoned animals. She lives in the country with her partner and dog as well as their 3 micro pigs. She believes in living life as a whole person, acknowledging the vast array of colors that makes up one human being. She models a lifestyle that feeds all of the needs to nurture a well-rounded life from creating music to digging in the dirt.