Work With Greta Gardiner of Wild & Clean

Are you Ready to be Wild and Clean?

Are you ready to FINALLY stop abusing your body and take your life back?


I understand….

You are so close, you feel like there is a glass wall between you and the best version of yourself. You know you want an amazing life and you can almost feel it within reach, however, you keep sabotaging yourself with over eating, drinking too much, smoking too much, spending more money than you have, anxiety attacks, too much sugar and caffeine. You know you want to experience more than just surviving each day; you want to thrive! You want to wake up feeling a child-like innocence and wonder for life! You want to feel good in your body and live in the magic of life!

You feel so overwhelmed and confused and you aren’t sure which desires are yours and which desires are those of society or someone who influenced you along the way.

Work With Greta Gardiner of Be Wild & CleanI get it. I used to drink way too much. I also smoked cigarettes and ate unhealthy food. I was always a few steps behind and whenever I looked at pictures of myself I realized I didn’t look like the vibrant young woman I knew I was supposed to be. I saw myself as unattractive, sluggish, unworthy and without talent. I caught myself getting so stuck in that identity and one day I was in an intense car accident that woke me up. I realized that I wanted to live, really live. I wanted to give this life my all and I needed support to get there. I started diving into self-care, receiving coaching and support from women who were where I wanted to be.


Do you feel stuck in the identity of being unworthy?

Do you feel like you are surviving each day instead of thriving?

Do you feel disempowered and disconnected from your body?

Do you want a different kind of support in your life, one with a feminine perspective?

Do you want support in bringing your deepest desires into reality?

Do you need support in gaining clarity on your life’s purpose, your gifts and creative endeavors?

Do you want support in strengthening your voice in the world?

Do you want support in repairing your body from years of damage from substances, toxins and unhealthy habits?


There is a way! I am here to support you.


Work With Greta Gardiner of Be Wild & Clean

Hi, my name is Greta Gardiner and of this sounds familiar to you I understand, I have been there.

I am a professional musician and a world traveler. I speak French and Spanish and lived in Uruguay, South America and France. While traveling the world studying languages and performing music I got caught up in drinking way too much alcohol for my own good, smoking cigarettes and eating whatever food was available (and tasty). I was so easily influenced by people around me and I was living in over-consumption mode. I often felt uncomfortable and disconnected from my body, depressed and disempowered. I turned to substance and food to distract myself every evening but over the years the pain was increasing. This was not just a physical pain; it was pain coming from deep down in my soul. A voice unheard for years that I had stuffed down, locked away and ignored.

I began my journey studying with many teachers, living masters and coaches to get myself to where I wanted to be. I now realize that it is so hard to do it alone, we need support. There is a way and I want to help you get there too.

I am a coach who has been there, understands what it feels like and has made the jump into a life full of vitality, passion, creativity, freedom and success and I want YOU get there too! 
 I am so grateful for my path and my past. I learned so much from my mistakes and downfalls and I also learned how to heal myself.

I am committed to transformation; my life is dedicated to reaching my full human potential and inspiring others to do the same.

It is my offering to the world to help you reach YOUR human potential and be living the greatest version of YOURSELF! I want to see you glowing; I want to see you bubbling over with sparkling, radiant life-force! I want to watch you become empowered and transformed into a woman who can say: “I value myself, I feel amazing and free in my body and my life keeps getting better and better every day!”

This is Wild and Clean!


Are you ready to FINALLY stop abusing your body and take your life back?



90 Days to Living Wild and Clean!


Greta Gardiner1 – Mindset

Throughout the 90 days you will be learning to deeply tune in to your body and your own unique rhythms and listening to the incredible wisdom that lives within you. Through our work together we will:

  • Transform self-sabotage into self-love
  • Learn tools to relieve negative thinking and downward spirals
  • Create patterns of prosperity consciousness
  • Discover areas in your life where you have been stuck and how to transform that now


Greta Gardiner
2 – Healing as Women

It is only in the recent decades that society has been acknowledging the needs of women and their healing. Many of the modalities of the last century were written with men in mind. It is time to rediscover feminine wisdom and give ourselves permission to do things our way. Together we will:

  • Connect with feminine power
  • Take power back
  • Reclaim passion
  • Gain clarity on desires and creative goals
  • Rediscover forgotten dreams
  • Connect with our wombs and hearts
  • Connect to the power of our own voice to heal




3 – Restoring and Repairing the Body

After years of unhealthy eating habits and consuming alcohol and substances like tobacco and recreational drugs, the body gets worn down. Toxins are wrapped in lipids and stored in the tissue, the immune system is compromised and the digestive system is thrown out of balance. Together we will:

  • Learn yogic and ayurvedic lifestyle tips that replenish and nourish the body
  • Learn simple practices using natural medicine to reclaim health
  • Learn ways to restore the digestive and immune system back to balance
  • Learn specific yoga poses and practices that are perfect for restoration


This program includes:

  • A comprehensive welcome packet and a prep packet: get clear on your desires, shift your mindset, know health goals
  • 1- 60min Skype or phone session each week (can be in person for locals)
  • Practices to help you go deeper into the exploration of YOU between sessions
  • Personalized email support to get your questions answered during sessions


Investment ~ $1,997

(or 3 payments of $753)

This is only for you if you are ready to reclaim your vitality like never before. Wild and Clean is a journey that will help unlock that free, alive, calm, confident, abundant, thriving woman that has been lost for way too long. This is the path to your life filled with self-love, self-care, success and unlimited potential!

A safe container will be made for you to transform and transmute old patterns and energy. You will feel like you have made years of progress.

I am offering one on one accountability, support and guidance from someone who has been where you are and is where you want to be.

This call will lead to clarity on where you are, where you want to be and what it takes to get there.

Book your Clarity Call!


During this session you will receive:
  • Insight into what you really want
  • What it will take to get there
  • Exploration of a few questions that could literally change everything